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Super Secret Project Backlighting + Assignment #002

How many times have you been told that you should never shoot directly into the sun? Do you believe it because you have gotten not so great results in the past? Well I say you can shoot directly into the sun and still get usable and even great images.

In this video I show you what backlighting is, how to compensate for it and what the images would look like if you shot in auto.

You are smarter than the camera in these situations, take an overall reading than see that the meter is thrown off and make the corrections yourself.


I would like you to go out and intentionally look for images with strong backlight. You could use a toy like I do or any other subject. Take some images with matrix metering than spot than figure out how to do it manually. Post each of the images in the Fro Forum RIGHT HERE along with your settings and thoughts about backlighting.

This is a great chance to learn how to work with the backlight opposed to shying away from shooting into it. In many situations you will find yourself getting false readings off a brighter background and this is a way to learn how to get past that and still get a killer image.