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I am always on the lookout for NEW TRIPODS

I am always on the lookout for new tripods that will help make my life easier. Recently when I was at Allen’s Camera to make a video I borrowed one of the Benro Video Tripods. It helped me easily create panning and moving clips to cut into one of my gear previews or reviews. I also liked the fact that the solid video tripod I was using was only priced at $275, very affordable.

That got me thinking that I should reach out to Benro and ask for some test units. In the past I have worked closely with Vanguard and have really enjoyed using their Photo related tripods. I know many of you picked them up on my recommendation and I still like them a lot. The one issue I did have with Vanguard fell in the video tripod side. They have okay video tripods but they lack the video monopod and nice video heads.

Over the past three to four years tripods have pretty much all become the same. Every company seems to be putting out the same features and functions which is making it harder and harder to latch onto just one tripod.

Benro sent me two Video Tripods to test out Via POSTMAN FRO. The first one was the A48 FBS4 Video Mono Pod. I currently have something similar from Manfroto but always had issues with the monopod slipping when I put pressure on them. This Benro one is very similar to the Manfroto one but when I put the same pressure on it, it did not slip. The two video monopods are basically the same design and serve the same function. One of the differences is one is Red and Black and the other is Blue and Black. I know that is a very scientific difference.

The video monopod is great for when you are running and gunning and need extra stability. It has a nice video head on the top that smoothly moves allowing for fantastic panning and movement shots with out to much shake. If you do a lot of video a monopod like this is something I would highly recommend.

The second Tripod Postman FRO brought me was the Benro C373 FBS 8. The C stands for carbon fiber which does make the unit lighter. Now this seems to be one of the higher end video tripods that Benro makes. The head on this bad boy is HUGE and heavy. I am not sure it matches the sticks that they are standing on though. I would prefer my video tripods to have legs that are much easier to raise and lower. This takes on more of a photo tripod leg set up with a video head on top. Don’t get me wrong, the video head is sturdy but I prefer a full on video tripod setup.

One function I LOVED was that I could move the center column to help level the video head. It seems that my Vanguard video tripods never could do that which meant I had to play around with the legs to get the desired level.

All and all these are affordable and well built solutions for you to consider. I was very happy that Allen’s Camera had them when I was looking for something to use a few months back. If you are in the market for a tripod or video tripod I would suggest adding BENRO to your list of tripods to at least be aware of.