Nikon D850 Announcement? Kinda

Nikon D850 development announcement. Nikon announced that they are working on their next high megapixel camera and it will in fact be called the “Nikon D850”. If I had to guess I would say it will be anywhere from a 42-52 megapixel camera that will be super fast. I’m thinking 8 frames per second and […]

Photo News, Photo News Fix

Nikon Messes Up BIG TIME, Nikon’s Going Mirrorless? and a $200,000 Selfie Mistake: Photo News Fix

This is your Photo News Fix for July 19th 2017: Nikon Messes Up BIG TIME, Nikon’s Going Mirrorless? and a $200,000 Selfie Mistake Click Here to subscribe to the FroKnowsPhoto Audio Podcast http://apple.co/2tmeaBB $200,000 Selfie Mistake http://bit.ly/2tI2ead Nikon Recalls the D750, again http://bit.ly/2tIbR8Q Nikon Solar Eclipse Videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jW3jEZtPW6A https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZF8udieMRWc Download MyGearVault FREE for Apple iOS […]

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This is HUGE, thank you all for waiting!!

After a long wait I am proud to announce the release of MyGearVault for Android!!! You can download it at in the Google Play Store right here http://bit.ly/mgvandroid or for iOS at https://mygearvault.com/ I truly appreciate all of your support and interest in MyGearVault. We’ve worked hard to bring you a product that will not […]

Pictures In Your Mind

Pictures In Your Mind 04: Balloon Man

Welcome to what I am calling “Pictures In Your Mind”. The idea is I describe in as much detail as possible an image in the hope you can visualize the image in your mind based on how i’m describing it. My goal with this is to help you think about the details in the images […]

Real World Review, Sony

SONY a9 Real World Review

This is the Sony a9 Real World Review. The goal of this and all other Real World Reviews is to get the camera out of a test environment and into a REAL shooting situation you might find yourself in. Purchase the Sony a9 from allenscamera.com or Amazon http://amzn.to/2u06Hsz or B and H bhpho.to/2tVRZmY In this […]


FRO RANTS: Photography Schools Are OFFICIALLY DEAD!!!

Welcome to what I am tentatively calling FRO RANTS! FRO RANTS are where I sit down and discuss a specific topic as an audio only podcast. In this FRO RANT I discuss the death of the photography school. This rant was brought on by the news that Antonelli Institute will be closing it’s doors after […]

RAW Edit, Sony

This SONY a9 RAW File Quality BLEW ME AWAY!!

Download the sample RAW File I was blown away by what I was able to do with this Sony a9 RAW file. I was able to bring back the highlights in an area that looked like it had lost all detail. That means the RAW file retains so much extra data that the JPEG would […]