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I Built My OWN Working Digital Camera and So Can You

Have you ever been curious how a digital camera got built and works? Well wonder no more as you now have the chance to build your very own digital camera from scratch, from the box.

Introducing the Bigshot Camera which is the brainchild of Shree Nayar who is a professor at Columbia University. The Bigshot is meant to be a teaching tool that allows people of all ages to build and learn all about the pieces in a functioning digital camera. Not only is this a great learning tool for children, the camera let’s us see the world through their eyes.

Everything that you need to build the camera from the screws to the lenses are supplied in a perfectly marked and laid out kit.

I got the chance to build this camera and decided to film the process. What a confidence builder it is to be able to take all the separate pieces, follow the directions and end up with something that works. Now let me tell you, I didn’t know if I did everything properly but as you will see in the video I did.

I think this makes a great gift for any kid and I can see myself ordering one for my cousins son. One of the only issues I had was it was slightly more difficult to get into the plastic bags that held the screws and the springs. That part may be a little harder for younger kids, but with a little help they can do it. The last thing I will say about the building process is you will be left with extra screws and springs which is not marked in the directions.

One last thing to keep in mind is this is not a professional camera by any stretch of the imagination. It is a simple $89 learning tool that does capture images and kids imaginations. The point is not the quality of the images the point is the fun and learning that comes with building and using your own digital camera.

You can pick one up at