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Canon Expo 2015: 250 Megapixel Sensors, 4000000 ISO, 8K Cameras and Big Ass Printers

Canon Expo happens once every five years. This was my first year attending and must say they put on an amazing show. Generally when you think of Canon you think copiers and cameras. Well Canon is so much more than that and I got to see the future at Canon Expo 2015.

The point of the Expo is to show you the future of what Canon is working on. Some of the tech that we saw at the event will one day filter its way into the consumer market.

We had everything from 250 and 120 megapixel sensors to a video camera that does 4,000,000 ISO and 8K. 8K is so insane to see in person. Canon was showcasing 8K video cameras, lens and monitors and they totally blew my mind.

If there is one thing I took away from this Expo is that Canon is spending a ton of money in research and development to push the future of image making across the board.