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OFFICIAL Canon EOS R3 Real World pREVIEW!!! (Hands-On)

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This is as close to a Real World Review of the NEW Canon EOS R3 you’re going to get for a little while. There’s a lot more we will be doing with this camera when we get a production unit. The truth of the matter is, this is an amazing mirrorless camera. Yes it’s “only” 24 megapixels and YES, i’ve been spoiled by the R5 and a1. But this camera packs a punch and for the sports shooters and photojournalists who will be getting them, they will LOVE it.

Canon did a great job with their first real Pro Mirrorless camera. Though they don’t consider it to be the Flagship, I do. There’s nothing else like it from them at this time. I hope you enjoy this long, but solid video taking a first hands on look at the Canon EOS R3.

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This video was filmed with the Canon EOS R5