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Goodbye SONY? Canon EOS R5 Real World Review | TIME TO SWITCH?!

This is the Real World Review of the Canon EOS R5. Is this a complete FAIL of a Camera or is it one of the best cameras ever made? Will I be switching from Sony to the R5? Is the OVERHEATING really an issue? Let’s find out…..This Video was shot entirely on the Canon EOS R5 and RF Lenses.

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The Canon EOS R5 is what I would call a MASTERFUL Camera. Is it perfect…no, but it’s certainly close. This is a powerful, well rounded camera, from it’s 12 frames per second at 45 megapixels, to INSANE almost Sony like lock on tracking and finally it’s video capabilities. This is one of the most well rounded cameras i’ve ever used. Canon deserves major props for being able to produce such a camera. Not to mention how amazing the RF Lenses are. Where Canon dropped the ball on this one, marketing. It should never have been marketed as a 8k video first camera. It should have been an amazing stills camera that offers solid solid video for those who need it…with some limits.

At the end of the day, I am not switching for stills but there’s a good possibility that we will be replacing all our Nikon Z6’s which we’ve been using for video with R5’s and RF glass.

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