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Capture Camera Clip REVIEW

The Capture Camera Clip by Peak Design has been blowing up Kickstarter for the past few months. It has done so well that it raised over $370,000 while getting over 5k backers.

Let me get into what I think about this system. The Capture is meant to go onto any belt or backpack that you may have. This is both good and bad, its good because it goes on any belt allowing you to use the system as long as you are wearing a belt. It’s bad because you need to always be wearing a belt or backpack in order to use the system.

I got a call from Peter the companies owner a few weeks ago asking if I would test out the plate and do a review of the system.

Sliding out of the unit is the camera plate that attaches to the underside of your camera. It easily slides into the capture and locks securely into place. At no time when testing this system out did I feel that the camera would come out of the clip.

The actual device is very easy to figure out and use and start using right away. It attaches to your belt and can change sizes depending on the thickness of your belt. The unit itself is built out of aluminum and is very sturdy.

Let me get into my hands on feelings after testing out this system. As soon as I put the system around my belt and attached the camera to it I felt a pull down on my waist. I was using the Nikon D7000 with the Nikon 24-70 2.8. I would say though that system is designed for amateurs who have a smaller camera who want to cary only one lens around. The larger the camera and lens that you use the more this system will pull down on your pants and belt.

One of my biggest concerns is that your camera has no tether to the system and even if it did I am not sure how it would protect from a camera that misses the attachment unit. With that said it is not hard to know when your camera is clipped into the system securely.

Why am I wearing the unit in front opposed to wearing it on the side?

As peter told me on the skype line the unit was meant to be worn in the front opposed to the side even though the kickstarter video showed it on the side.

How does it feel to wear it?

You will get used to wearing it pretty quickly but you will still know that it is there. A lot will depend on the size of camera and lens that you are using. I would not recommend using a battery grip with this system as the further way from your belt the camera is the more it will droop down.

When I was walking with the my camera clipped into the capture I felt the camera bouncing off my thigh with every step. There really is no play in the system meaning your camera is not free to swing or hang there it is locked into.

I can not see running with this unit on and I would fully recommend that if you are going to run that you hold the camera opposed to leaving it snapped into the capture.

The capture does allow you to attach the plate to a backpack which I found to be very interesting. I felt that that worked very well and puts the camera securely on your body if you will be doing a lot of hiking.

As I say in the video many times what I find to be the key to this system is the locking mechanism. The way that the plate attaches to the system seems to be what the future is built on for this company. I can see this locking mechanism being put into many other accessories which will allow your camera and maybe lenses to attach to anything with these units.

In closing I think version one has its plusses and minuses and I fully believe that the future iterations of this product will get better and better. Would I use it with my pro gear, no. But this system was not designed for pro cameras though some pros have said they love it. Like I said earlier, if you have a small camera, with just one smaller lens you may find this to be a good solution for you. If you are a pro who carries around a lot of gear there may be other options out there for you to check out.

For more information on this system please check out their web site .

I would be interested to hearing your thoughts on this unit, would you use it, what are your concerns and did you order one?