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Digital Photography RANT

It has been months since I have done a rant and something got me gong that I just had to RANT today. What subject could work me up so much that I dedicate a full video to it? Today I am ranting on OVER ANALYZING of camera gear!!!! How many test charts do you need to shoot until you decide that a lens is sharp or not sharp? I far do you have to zoom in on your monitor to see if the background is slightly purple around the edges or has hallowing in the corners? How Hi must you push the ISO beyond where it really should be until you see dead pixels? How many people must sit in a forum creating threads about theoretical issues with new gear?

My feelings on testing gear is go shoot it, test it by using it in real situations not pushing it beyond belief than saying it fails because of it. Camera companies are not going to put out faulty lenses and bodies especially on the pro end. For example Nikon puts out the 70-200 2.8 VR II and people complain that its not as long as the version 1. I have had both lenses and yes the version II does seem slightly shorter but maybe the version I was slightly longer! In my mind it comes down to using your gear, if its pro gear and there is an issue the companies will have a way to fix it.

What really set me off into making this rant is this dead pixel issue in the Nikon D7000. From what I have read people are pushing the camera beyond its recommended settings while shooting video and seeing what they call dead pixels. I have seen something like this is my old D3 and D3s when you push the camera to the extremes, to me its the nature of pushing something to the limits. Shooting video at 22,500 ISO is so far out of the norm that I am amazed that it works and would be thrilled. But people are saying that there is an issue when they shoot that hi and red pixels are showing up. Nikon smartly has acknowledged that this is happening and says they will be out with a firmware fix soon. I see this firmware fix being something that suppresses red pixels at hi iso’s.

The last part of this written rant has to do with forums. This is where most of the trouble starts, one person finds something they think is an issue and than everyone else tries to replicate it and it spreads like wildfire. The bottom line is just use this gear to shoot, stop the over testing and analyzing to death of everything.

Watch the video for my response to these issue and I plan on ranting a little more from here on out.