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DJI Mavic Pro Drone Preview: So Small So Versatile So Just Killed the GoPro Karma For Me

DJI just announced the Mavic Pro Drone. This drone is so surprisingly small and packaged with features you may not beielve it.

Let me put this right here, I am going to get one and take it everywhere with me to grab that arial footage I need for my videos.

Quick Specs:

The first main feature is it’s size, it’s pretty much the size of a regular sized water bottle. It folds up with the props on it and fits into a purse or small bag.

24 high performance computing cores.

5 Vision Sensors to help with optical avoidance.

4k Camera 12 mp sensors and 3 axis gimbal.

27 Min battery life

Precision hover / super stable

Tap To Fly / Gesture Control

Fly by phone or remote or use the new DJI Gogles.

Sports mode which lets you fly up to 40 mph without obstacle avoidance.

Priced at $749 for just the drone / $999 with the remote / $1299 as a bundle with case, batteries, quick charger and remote.

I am going to purchase the bundle for the business so I can travel the world with the ability to capture arial footage simply, efficiently and easy.