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DROBO Mini Unboxing and Sniff Test

My DROBO MINI finally came in the mail and I wanted to give it an unbox and sniff test as well as break down who it is for. This is a $600 unit that is great for when you are on the road and need to back up your work.

It is not just great for photos but it serves very well for storing video. This is the type of unit I will take on the road with me so I can make sure my work is safe and backed up.

There is know doubt though that I would still travel with other external hardrives to have multiple backups just in case anything ever happens. When you are on the road its always good to keep your backups in different places. Keep one on you if you are on the plane and another in your bag so if something happens to your bag you still have one back up.

This DROBO MINI connects via USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt which means its going to back up super super fast.

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