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Do Inkjet printers suck? Epson SC-P600 Photo Printer Unboxing and Sniff Test

There has been a debate for years on wether you should own an inkjet printer or farm out your prints to one of those online printing places.

EPSON has sent me the SC-P600 to play with to maybe help me understand why people should print more at home vs sending out for their prints.

I wont go into too much detail right now on the pros can cons of owning an inkjet vs sending out for prints. But what I will tell you is if you print only a handful of images it wont be worth it to own a printer at home. If you are constantly banging out prints for sale or to giveaway than a printer at home could be a good option.

What has me intrigued about this printer is the fact that you can now use ROLL PAPER. This means you can print 13 inch wide prints by any length as long as it’s 10 meters or less.

There are also a ton of different paper options to print on and what looks to be pretty large ink cartridges that hopefully will keep you printing for a while.