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This is EVERY CLIP from the FroKnowsPhoto DSLR Video Guide

What you see in the video and in the image down below is the entire FroKnowsPhoto DSLR Video Guide. All the clips add up to 24 hours worth of footage.

We shot for eight days many of which were 12 hour days. In comparison to the second guide we shot three days longer which means there is a ton of information we in this guide.

This guide had to be longer and more detailed than anything I have put out before. This topic alone has to revisit the fundamentals of the exposure triangle but as it pertains to video.

I encourage you to click the image below and view it at its fullest size to check out each thumbnail. You are going to see stills from the loft as well as a bunch on location. The location shoots are packed full of real world situations.

One tidbit about shooting this guide is that we were doing a video shoot inside a video shoot. We had a film crew capturing everything that Todd and I were filming. That made for a lot of intricate execution and planning on our part.

We are still many months away form the release as editing is going to take a very long time. It is my hope that we have this out sometime in the summer!!!

I have set up a special e mail list just for the DSLR Video Guide. From this list I will be selecting the 10-12 people who will get to preview the guide for testimonials.

There is also a very good possibility that I will offer a pre-sale discount only to people on this particular list.

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FroKnowsPhoto DSLR Video Guide`