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I kept FAILING at making an important video until I picked up this Teleprompter

Sometimes the words in a video have to be spot on that you need to use a teleprompter. In my case I needed to film a six page commercial for the FroKnowsPhoto Guide To DSLR Video and there was no way I could memorize the script.

The only way I would be able to make sure I hit all the keywords I wanted to was to pick up a teleprompter. I honestly have never used one before, all of my videos are straight off the top of my head.

Because this was for a sales video where the wording was extremely important I knew I had to attempt to use the teleprompter or I would never be able to complete the video.

I did a quick search around the internet to see what I should purchase and I ended up with this Telmax Galaxy Series Pro iP Ex iPad Teleprompter for $449.

I purchased this model because it allowed me to use the ipad as the screen and save money over buying one with a dedicated screen. My concern though was that I wouldn’t be able to read the screen because the ipad was pretty small.

The telmax doesn’t come with it’s own software but I found a great program on Itunes for only $9.99 that allowed me to import my script right into the program. It also enabled us to connect a bluetooth keyboard to control the speed of the script.

A telepromoter works by projecting txt onto a mirror. The mirror is set on an angle and allows for a camera and lens to be placed behind it to record the video. Since the words are placed right at eye level it looks like you are speaking right to the camera.

The version I bought is not the best built but it really served the purpose and allowed me to record everything I needed to record.