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What is a Macro Extension Tube and how does it work?

Did you know what an extension tube is or how it can save you money over purchasing a Macro lens? Todd likes to call them tube extenders but whatever you call them they have been around a long time.

In most situations your non macro lenses wont allow you to get super close to your subject. So how do you get closer with the lenses you already own and not have to spend a lot of money on a macro lens? The simple answer are extension tubes.

Extension tubes are literally rings that attach to your camera body and lens to “extend” distance from the lens and the body. There is no glass involved whatsoever in the rings. As you can see from the video using an extension tube gives you the ability to get extremely close to your subject.

There are different size tubes which allow you to get closer or slightly further away from your subject.

You may be wondering why would anyone purchase a macro lens if these extension tubes are so inexpensive? The simple answer is true macro lenses are sharp edge to edge. When you use extension tubes your sharpest area will be in the center of the lens with the outer part of the image getting slightly out of focus.

Tubes can range from $100 and up.