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Where I get my Royalty FREE Music, SFX and Loops

If you find yourself in need of Royalty Free music, sfx or loops for videos you are working on please check out AudioBlocks. (I have formed a partnership to work with AudioBlocks and promote their product since we personally use it.)

With more and more of you guys getting into shooting and editing video there has never been more of a need for extra audio clips then now.

If you are not familiar with the term “Royalty Free” it means that you have the rights and permission to utilize something (in this case audio) without having to worry that you are stealing someones clips.

This is important because you can not just take any audio clip you find online and use it in your videos. Just like someone can’t take your photo and sell it as their own you can’t take their audio and use it without compensation.

Here’s an example of something that can get you in major trouble with a rights holder or on YouTube. Say you are editing a wedding video and use a Beyonce song. If you post that video on YouTube, YouTube is going to know you used the Beyonce song and do one of a few things.

They will place ads over your video which you will not control nor make money off of. They will take your video down due to not having permission to use that audio. Or they will put a strike against your account which could lead to you being removed from YouTube all together.

But with AudioBlocks you can search their 100,000+ audio clips to find a track that still makes the point you are trying to make. Being that their audio is “Royalty Free” you have the ability to use any of the audio without worrying that you are breaking any copyright laws.

There are a few options when you sign up. One is to pay $79 a month or you could prepay for the year for only $99 (you can cancel anytime if it’s not for you). We prepay for the year on our end.

In my research I have found other sites that offer you Royally Free music but ask you to purchase a license per audio track at the cost of $99. That’s for one track, with AudioBlocks you can use any of the 100,000+ for $99 a year.

For full disclosure Todd has been using/paying for AudioBlocks and VideoBlocks for the last few years and Stephen and I have been paying for both for the past year. I personally reached out to AB/VB to work out a partnership since I already use and like their product and think that it will help many of you guys to be aware of the service.

If you are in need of Royalty FREE Video you can check out Todd and I explaining VideoBlocks right here.