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This is a "TEST" of a new way to sign up for VideoBlocks (ad)

As you know we love VideoBlocks and long before they were a sponsor we were using their product. I ever personally signed up for the seven day free trial where I needed to enter a credit card and wasn’t happy about it.

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The truth of the matter is I have been urging VideoBlocks to do away with the credit card requirement when signing up for a free trial. I understand there were some technical hurdles for them to overcome but they have finally done it.

Now you can sign up for a true 7 Day Free trial with no credit card needed. What you get during your trial is access to their 115,000 clip library where you can download and use one new clip each day during your trial. In the video I said you own the clip, you don’t own it you are licensing it.

This promotion will end on Nov 14th 2015 so please take advantage of this FREE trial.