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Ever wonder why your videos look like CRAP???

Have you ever shoot some video and wondered why it looked absolutely terrible? Let me ask you, did you have the picture controls set in the camera?

Yes I am talking about the same picture controls I say don’t matter because we are shooting RAW images. Well in video those picture controls do matter since you may not be shooting RAW Video.

This video is a reminder of how important it is to test out your picture controls for whatever situation you may be shooting in. We attempt to show you terrible picture control settings where the contrast and sharpening are maxed out to what they look like completely zeroed out.

Just like with a JPEG once you have the wrong picture control you are left with a baked video. That means you can not go back to the RAW video data to start all over. There are though some cameras today that do allow for RAW video capture but they tend to be extremely expensive.

Please keep this quick tip in mind the next time you are out there getting ready to capture some video.