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What is a Follow Focus Lever, do you need it?

As you know I get asked to review a lot of gear. I am not able to review everything myself so I pass certain items on to Todd Wolfe or DigiRichie to get their expert real world opinions.

This time around Cinevate sent their Follow Focus Lever for us to look at. You may say to yourself this is an expensive item to purchase from Cinevate when I can simply get a cheap lever from another company?

You may be right in some ways and wrong in others. Yes at around $75 for just the lever it is expensive. But as Todd shows in his video there are major pros to owning such an item over the cheaper model.

Can you get away with a $10 unit, absolutely. But when it comes to needing versatility and uniformity across your lenses you will see the benefit to investing in a system like this one day.

To check out more information about this lever go here.

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