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An old friend of mine who has been looking for a camera decided to pull the trigger and purchase a Nikon D3100 on Monday. Now the reason this was an emergency phone call is he scheduled an “erotic photo shoot” that night and needed some help.

A little background about Adam, Adam is an artist thru and thru. He has shown his paintings all over the world if I am not mistaken and you can find his work at

Adam does have a slight advantage over someone just picking up a camera as he fully understands composition and how light and shadows work. Understanding light doesn’t mean that he knows what his settings should be but it means he knows what looks pleasing.

In the video below I go into full on beginner mode for getting Adam right out of AUTO and into manual settings. Starting at 3 minutes and until the end of the video I give some really killer info that I will cover in the beginner book.

This is part one and in part two we will go over how the photo shoot went and possibly post an image if its not to over the top.