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Rapid Fire Critique - Web Site Edition

I got an e mail from Abe who had a bunch of great questions. Not only does he have great work but he is a really great guy.

What I love about having people on the skype line is we come up with full on marketing plans for photography. Half way through this video we start to discuss how abe can market himself for his style of work. His “dark glamour” work really stands out to me even with the fact that its taken with the Nikon D100 and Fuji S2 Cameras. Again this shows you again that the camera does not make the photographer.

We ended up discussing a few different ways that he could market himself, how he could find new clients and how he could hammer home his style and become the go to guy for that type of photography. Take some of the ideas I was tossing around with Abe and think about how you could better market yourself. Is there something that you could do to become the go to photographer in your type of photography?

If you would like to check out Abes work click here Blind7Photography.