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3:47 About Me Page Discussion

Let me start off by saying the design and work of this photographer is not bad at all. From what I can judge he seems to be a young photographer trying to find his way in the world which is great.

When I critique sites I want to make sure I take into consideration the level that the photographer is at.

As the title states I have had enough of BIO pages being written in the third person. To be honest I used to have my bio written in the third person and really dislike it. It just seems so impersonal and unnecessary.

Write it in your voice and I feel people will respond better. When I read something in the third person that someone wrote I sit there and go it sounds like this person wrote this. But when they write it about themselves it seems more real.

All and all I like the direction they are going, the site is clean but can you some subtle tweaks to take it to the next level.

Nice Work.