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February Photo Of The Month - Please VOTE

Here we are again, it’s time for the BIG BIG HUGE VOTE where you get to select this months Top 5.

Over the past two weeks there have been hundreds of images posted over 75 pages in the forum. I have gone threw every single image myself to pick the TOP 36 that you will get to VOTE on. It is hard to explain how I select the images for this.

In the past I would select the top 5 based on what I liked. For the monthly theme I select images that I like but also images that are worthy of being shown to everyone as ultimately your vote is what matters. So if something stands out to me yet I may not like it, I still pick it to share with you.

So now it is up to you, there are 36 images below. You have the ability to VOTE for up to five different images. You have until February 22nd at 2pm EST to cast your VOTES. At that point the TOP 5 Vote getters will be put to a final VOTE to determine the Photo of the Month. The winning photographer will WIN a DROBO, either a Drobo Mini or a Drobo 5D. Both of these prizes are worth over $600, so a big thank you to DROBO for supplying the prize.

Be sure to LIKE the post below as well as leave a comment in the facbeook comment box as someone will WIN a BlackRapid Strap.

  • aadahami

  • alancphoto

  • Allofus

  • Allofus #2

  • andrewmwelch

  • BarbaroB

  • BigDaddy

  • boysetsfire

  • boysetsfire #2

  • Cfoto70

  • cqalbuque

  • DanRochat

  • Davegar5

  • dhogan

  • Fringe

  • gonz9

  • joe999

  • kilkennycat

  • leomtz13

  • lexlo92

  • MemoOrtega

  • mollybermea

  • moserdk

  • muddytux

  • MWAC

  • MWAC #2

  • Oreokitty

  • paulyp photography

  • Photobygaryb

  • RedStripe

  • romedontknowphoto

  • smileysid

  • tombricker

  • Valveman

  • xzombiemanx

  • yosh11

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