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FroKnows Skydiving Photo and VIDEO

I was photographing an internet marketing event and everyone was going Skydiving and asked me to join.

I was not scared of jumping as I tried to block everything from my mind. Honestly I would have been really scared if I let my mind take over but I just breathed and let it happen.

Letting something happen sometimes is hard as I like to have control of many aspects of my life.

The jump went really well, it is amazing to stand at the open door of the plane and just look down and realize your free falling. I think i psyched myself out so much that I didn’t get scared until we landed and I realized what I just did. I know that is backwards but its how I felt. Skydiving was something that my mom wanted to do but never got the chance, i hope she hitched a ride with us on the way down.

I wanted to give you a taste of my Skydiving experience in this still image.

Jared Polin FroKnowsPhoto Skydiving
Click the image to view it larger.

PS. The image was shot in JPEG by the jumper who was shooting Canon Rebel and 10-22 which is a nice lens from them.