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Nikon D4 Video Tests

This is a very simple test of the Nikon D4 s video capabilities. I test everything from 1080P 24 FPS to 720P 60 FPS to show the D4’s slow motion capabilities. You will also see Hi-ISO examples ranging from 12,800 to H1 (25,600) and H4 204,800.

This is the first Nikon Pro camera to offer such amazing video capabilities. I plan on further testing and using the Nikon D4 to capture future videos.

There is one feature that I find truly amazing, that is the 2.7x crop mode. What this means is you have the ability to capture full 1080 video while using exactly 1920×1080 pixels off the image sensor. On top of that any lens you put on the camera becomes 2.7x stronger. For example a 200mm becomes a 540mm and a 300mm becomes a 810mm. You will see an example of my brother walking is dog in the video above which utilizes this 2.7x crop mode.

I like to keep my testing as simple as possible. I want to show you the capabilities and give you tests that will allow you to determine the quality of the video.

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