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Fuji Instax Photo Shoot - 5 Min Portrait

One of my favorite pieces of content to create are these 5 min portraits. They are fun because its a challenge to create and capture what I hope are quality images.

For this 5 min portrait I picked up a Fuji Instax instant camera (Allen’s Camera carries Instax cameras and Film). I am fully aware that this is not the greatest camera in the world nor does fuji tell you that it is. I picked it because its fun to challenge yourself to capture great images with any camera you pick up.

The set up I used for this shoot is pretty simple. I used my Westcot TD6 continuos lights in softboxes to create some dimension in the images. I used my BlackRapid just like I do on all my photo shoots to secure the camera. Finally I asked Sarah to join me for her second 5 min portrait session.

As you will see in the video I had one slight issue where the flash kept firing when I thought I turned it off. It turns out that there is no way to turn the flash off. In cases like this you have a few options, you could break the flash or you can find a way to block it. I decided against breaking the flash and chose to use black gaff tape instead. The tape pretty much worked as an off switch to the flash allowing the continuos lights to be the main light source. As a side note you can also cover your flash with different materials to either soften it or change its color.

I have to say I am really glad that we decided to continue past the first 10 shots and have a REDO of the photo shoot. The first 10 shots gave us a chance to work out some kinks with the camera and lighting. Once we got into the second pack of film we started to capture some very usable images. As you will see in the video there are a handful of beautiful portraits.

All and all I am pretty happy with how the photo shoot turned out. It challenged me to think outside of the traditional photo shoot which aloud me to capture some really creative images.

A big thank you goes out to Allen’s Camera for all of their support as well as BlackRapid and Westcott.

CONTEST – There will be more info on the contest soon.

Check out past “5 min portraits” in the YouTube player below.