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It is almost 1am as I finish uploading my first FREE Ebook aka Fro Guide called “ guide to capturing motion at concerts”.

About two hours ago Lil (my 99 year old grandmother) and I were playing guitar hero and filming the intro to the guide to let everyone know that it is live. Let me tell you what is included in the FREE zip file you will receive when you sign up at over there on the right side.

You will get the “ Guide to Capturing Motion at Concerts” along with an audio book, bonus audio track and a cheat sheet. The cheat sheet is one of my favorite aspects of this package. I thought it would be great to give you something that you can print out, put in your camera bag and look at right before shooting. I even included a section for you to add your own notes!!!

I wrote this Ebook as a guide to help you start to understand how to photograph in some of the toughest lighting situations. Thought the title mentions concerts the information in the book is great for any low light photography. To receive your FREE Ebook, Audio Book, Bonus Audio and Cheat Sheet please sign up on the right hand side of the page under “Join the Fro” and you will receive a link right to your e mail.