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GoPro Hero5 Black Unboxing, Sniff AND WINDTUNNEL TEST

I got my hands on not one but two GoPro Hero5 Black Action Cameras. I bought mine at Allen’s Camera.

I use GoPro’s slightly different than most. I use them for the First Person Shooter perspective as well as the wide angles on RAWtalk and Real World Reviews.

The Hero5 is redesigned to be waterproof right out of the box without any extra housings. It still has a 12 megapixel sensor and shoots 4k at 30 and 1080 at 120.

You’re not going to see those specs change to much anymore. On top of tall that you now have a 2 inch touch screen built in so you can frame your shot. If you’re into voice control this camera has it. If you want the GoPro Karma Drone, this camera is the one you will use.

It comes with the frame which you used to have to purchase separately and it’s priced $100 less than the Hero4 was when it came out at $499.

I know we will put these to good use.