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GoPRO is having major issues right now especially after dropping the price of the HERO4 Session to $199.99. If you recall only four or five months ago this camera was released at $399.99 which was the same price of the much better HERO4 Silver Edition.

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They made a huge mistake by releasing it at the price point they did. If they simply released it at $199.99 I think they would have done much better. It would have sold a lot more and it would have been seen as something that was quality at the price point it fit into.

GoPRO has been getting smooooshed on Wall Street. Their stock hit an all time high hovering around $90 before it started to flat out tank as of the this recording the stock was around $18.50.

The unknowns right now are what will happen when GoPRO releases their new DRONE in 2016. Will it put a dent in DJI or it will it fall flat, only time will tell.

The last thing that everyone needs to consider is competition from other companies out there like Sony, Olympus, Panasonic and maybe Apple one day.

But back to the point of this RANT, the price of the Session was way to high and dropping it a few months latter probably left a bad taste in many peoples mouths.