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Small, NOT exactly: GoPro HERO4 Session Unboxing and Sniff Test

When the GoPRO Hero4 Session was first announced I thought it was going to be EXTREMELY small and compact, it’s not.

Mine just came in the mail so I decided to do an Unboxing and Sniff Test for you. The first thing I realized is how it’t not small at all. In fact it’s thicker than the Hero4 Black edition I currently own.

I thought I was going to find that the cube was much smaller and compact and would be a nice addition to the top of my DSLR for first person shooter videos. It turns out it’s not exactly small which leads you to believe this may be the future for cameras from GoPRO.

Check out the video to see exactly what’s in the box and to get my thoughts on the new product before we test it out.

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