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HDR RANT 2 and Samples

I am not a big fan of HDR but if this is something you enjoy or want to get better at there is more information and samples after the break.  I want to reiterate, HDR does take a lot of skill to do properly I am in no way downplaying that.  There are some amazing examples that are awe-inspiring and there are some examples that are stomach turning.  Check out all the samples after the break. “HDR is like Auto Tuned music, its being killed to the max”

I want to thank Trey Ratcliff of Stuck In Customs for allowing me to use some of his images as samples as well as link you all to his amazing tutorial on HDR.  Trey travels all over the world capturing HDR images.  I wanted to share with you some of the images I like and some that I find to be over the top from his collection.  If you are interested in reading his tutorial he offers a free one right here. (He also has Ebooks for sale if you would like to learn more)

Fourth on Lake Austin

This is a very cool image but to me its less of a photograph and more of an illustration.  Again, this is my opinion, this type of photography takes a major amount of skill and I am not putting down people who enjoy and love it.

Merry D3Xmas from Trey and Stuck In Customs!

generally I don’t like the examples of HDR with people in them but this image to me has a great vibe.

The Lonely Trinity

This is one image that I am not a big fan of, I think its has to much work done to it.  In this case I don’t feel that this is what my eye would have seen.

I've reached the end of the world

An amazing example, stunning example of HDR, this really makes you think.


This is an example where you look at it and go this doesn’t need to be HDR.  At this point this goes beyond the explanation that HDR is a closer representation of what the eye see.


If i was to shoot HDR myself this is the type of image I am drawn to, these amazing interiors.


This is what I am talking about when I say you know its HDR, look at the glow around the tree.  Again my eye wouldn’t have looked at this scene this way.


I will leave you with this one, this is the image I was talking about in the video that I just find to be really interesting.

In conclusion when HDR is done well it can make you think, but when its off its really off.

Be sure to check out Trey’s tutorial and thank him for putting it together.