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Herman Miller Embody: Something To Make My Butt Feel Good

The majority of our time as photographers and videographers is spent sitting on our butts in front of the computer. So why do we buy crappy chairs that are not comfortable or enjoyable to sit in?

I know I have been using a chair from Staples that was around $200 that seems fine until you try a real chair like the Embody.

The point I am making here is we spend money on quality gear why would we skimp out when it comes to something we have to sit in close to 6 or more hours a day.

Let me tell you this chair is not inexpensive, not everyone can or would spend $1,500 on a chair, I understand that. I myself have a hard time justifying spending that much for a chair.

But what I can tell you is when you finally put your butt in the chair you understand that just about everything you have sat in before pales in comparison.

I look at Herman Miller as the Apple of chairs. They just make sense, the levers, switches and everything is where it should be and just works. And it better for for that price.

I have heard from other readers who have Herman Miller chairs and say they have had them for close to 10 years and they are still going strong.

So knowing that this chair will last me 15-20 years makes my own decision to pick one up for myself and my dad much easier.

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