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Should you have 1, 3, 5 or 7 Photo Galleries On Your Website?

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To answer the question in the title you should I personally think between three and five. Any less you may be limiting yourself anymore you may start to water down your images.

Let’s take Colin Herrington’s photo site as an example. He has six galleries of images which in itself may not be terrible but to me it feels like at least one too many.

Also once I looked inside a few of the galleries I found myself asking why isn’t this in portraiture, why is this in fine art? I think Colin can merge one if not more of his galleries which would in turn cut down on images that may not be strong but will fill one gallery with solid keepers.

On top of that if you are looking at your own gallery and an image gives you pause because you don’t think it’s very good, GET RID OF IT. I rather have 10 solid keepers than 20 total images with half leaving me scratching my head.