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How To Edit RAW Digital Photos From The CANON 80D In Adobe Lightroom CC: Tips For Photo Editing

Canon 80D RAW DNG Files:Zip 1 (143 megs) / Zip 2 (120 megs)
Access all the FULL RES Exported and Edited JPEGS Right Here.

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Be sure to check out the FULL “5 Min Portrait” with the Canon 80D and Kit 18-135mm Kit Lens right here.

This is an 1 hour 35 min video where you get to see my exact process for editing each RAW file from the Canon 80D “5 Min Portrait”. You get to see the keepers and the not so keepers. Not many photographers will share everything they took.

I am using Adobe Lightroom CC to manage and edit all my RAW files. I think Adobe Creative Cloud is the way to go especially when you get the Photographers bundle which includes Lightroom and Photoshop CC.

This is a long video but if you always wanted to know how I edit each one of my photos without using presets you might want to dedicate some time to watch it.

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