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How to Take a Self Portrait

Self portraits are a way for a photographer to capture an image of themselves like no one else could. Over the past eight or so years I have made three self portraits and this one is my fourth.

There has been a progression from the very first one I capture to this one I took the other day. This latest one takes a different look from the last one I did in 2007. The idea behind the first one was me sitting amongst the artists I capture as well as other items that had meaning to me.

This latest self portrait was something I wanted to capture before I closed this chapter of my journey. One final image before I move out of my first place, the loft.

This is how I took the image, I connected the Nikon D4 to my Macbook Pro via an ethernet cable. The camera was attached to the top of the wall with a super clamp and three way tripod head. Being that the D4 allows me to control it from my laptop I thought it would be great if I captured a time lapse of the set up which finishes with the final image.

I am very happy with how this image turned out and I can not wait to place it on the well next to the ones from the past.

FroKnowsPhoto Self Portrait
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