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Introducing MyGearVault: Input • Organize • Protect

MyGearVault is the best way to “Input • Organize • Protect” your gear!

Download MyGearVault for FREE right now in the Apple App Store.

MyGearVault is a FREE app designed to help photographers and videographers from professionals, to amateurs, to even hobbyists, know what they have and what it’s worth.

Quickly and securely input all of your gear into your personal vault.  We’ve made it easy for you to store all the important information about your gear.  Store and verify your serial number, picture of your receipt, date purchased and much more.  Even if your item doesn’t have a serial number ,you can still add it to your vault.

We know you have a lot of gear, that’s why we help you organize it in a few unique and effective ways.  First, each item can be saved into a specific category (i.e. Cameras, Lens, Computers, Data Storage, etc.).  When you click on a category, you will see the total value of items based on the gear inside.  Secondly, you can create custom kits of gear, like a wedding kit, travel kit, studio kit, video kit and more.  This is a great way to know the value of gear you’re taking with you.

Protect your gear.  Get piece of mind that your gear has a level of protection when it’s stored inside your vault.  For example, if your camera is stolen, simply click the “stolen” button inside the app and your serial number will be entered into our stolen database.  If someone tries to verify your lens as their own, we will be notified.

We at MyGearVault understand the importance of protecting your gear.  That’s why we’re working with licensed professionals with access to top-rated insurance companies to find a solution that fits your needs. Right now inside MyGearVault you can take a short questionnaire to receive an insurance quote. And in about one business day, you can have full comprehensive coverage from one of our licensed insurance partners.

MyGearVault: Input • Organize • Protect

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