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Is your Photo Website "Mobile Friendly" If NOT Google will penalize you

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Google search is one of the most powerful ways that people will find you and your business. They are always changing their algorithms and this time they added a new criteria for your website called “Mobile Friendliness”.

This means Google takes into account how your website loads and acts on mobile devices. If it’s not “Mobile Friendly” your mobile search traffic may be effected.

Here is a tool to check if your site is “Mobile Friendly” or not.

The good news is if you are a Squarespace user it’s more than likely that your site has already been “Mobile Friendly” for years and you are ahead of the game.

This is another reason why I personally LOVE and use Squarespace for my photography website. If you have not tried Squarespace please take your 14 day trial right here Remember if you decide that it’s for you please used code FRO at checkout to save 10% off your first year.

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