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June Photo of the Month Contest "Inanimate Objects"

Photo of the Month PRIZE is a Rode Video Mic Pro Shotgun Microphone

Contest RULES

Here we go again, it is Photo of the Month time!!!! I racked my brains for a while before I came up with the NEW THEME of “Inanimate Objects”. I am sure some of you may be scratching your head on what this actually means but its pretty simple. If the object is not living and just sits there than its an “inanimate object”.

Here is a quick example. I once photographed old chairs in a factory, I was able to make something that was not alive exude emotion. If you can make something that is not living come to life then you have done a great job.

In every day life there are objects from bridges to tools to chairs. It is your job to make them come to life and WIN the Photo of the Month for June.

You have until June 15th to post your images RIGHT HERE in the FroForum. Your images must be taken from between June 1st to June 15th in order to be eligible for the photo of the month. If they were taken outside of those dates they will be removed from competition.

I have yet to decide on what the BIG PRIZE is for winning the photo of the month. Last months WINNER is posted below and they won a ThinkTank Airport International Roller Bag.