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FroKnowsPhoto June 24th Boot Camp Recap

What an amazing group of photographers we had for the second ever Beginner/Intermediate Boot Camp. We spent 8+ hours together learning by doing which is in my opinion that best way to learn.

To be honest, what I found so inspiring was the fact that at the beginning of the day most of the class was afraid to be in manual. By the end of the day not only were they doing all of their own manual settings they were getting them spot on. We hammer home the idea of cause and effect which is one of the largest building blocks for the Boot Camps.

The Boot Camps are about to hit the road, actually hit the air as we will be crossing the pond and landing in Manchester England on Sep 12th/13th and London on Sep 14th/15th. Keep and EYE out for the announcement on Boot Camps and FrotoWalks in each of those locations.

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A big thank you goes out to everyone who attended the Boot Camp on Sunday, I know that Adam and I had a blast!!!.