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Lowepro Photo Sport 200 AW - Review

This will be the first time that I am reviewing a Lowepor bag on the site. I hope to end up bringing you a review for each of their products as they send them to me.

The Lowepro Sport 200 AW is designed for people on the move, who bike, skate, ski, climb and my new favorite word trek. It is made extremely well and is meant to allow you to carry a small amount of camera gear along with the essentials for being out in the wilderness. You have enough room for a camera body and I would say roughly two pro lenses. You do have room to fit more in the top compartment which expands to allow for non camera gear such as jackets, food or anything else you will have with you.

Lowpro 200 SPORT AW Review

There is also an area in the back that you might think would be for a laptop but its really for a 2 L bladder that you can fill with water. This is a nice addition for anyone who will be out and about for long periods of time and don’t have room for water bottles. Keep in mind that the bladder does not come with the bag.

If you get caught out in the rain or snow it has a built in raincoat. I did not test out how water resistant the regular material is but it seems to be made very well.

I personally love the orange color for no other reason that it is bright and stands out. The bag has some really nice compartments that expand to allow for extra “stuff” to join you on your trek. I really liked how the waist belt took all the weight off my shoulders to make the bag feel like it is not even there. I could see having this bag on for long period of times.

What it really comes down to is this bag is best for someone who has a small amount of camera gear that they would like to take with them. You are not going to get the hebrew trinity into this bag, let alone with the D3s. But if you have something smaller and have fixed lenses or ultra zooms it would really serve you well.

If you are interested in purchasing this bag you can call Allen’s Camera 215.547.2841 or click HERE to pick it up on AMAZON.