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Will The MIOPS Make Me More Creative?

This thing does so much you really have to just check out their Kickstarter Video and Page.

I have not backed many tech projects on Kickstarter for a bunch of different reasons but I decided to back the Miops, here’s why. First things first, it has LASERS!!!! How could I not find a use for a laser trigger or trigger trap. Second the ability to sense light and sound to trigger the camera totally got my gears turning.

Will this trigger make me more creative? The answer could be yes if I actually kick my own butt into gear and use it when I get it in the mail. Speaking of getting it in the mail, one of the reasons I have not backed a lot of tech projects is because you never know if they will actually deliver on their promise.

After doing some research into the company behind the MIOPS, I saw that they already have a product for sale on the market called the NERO Trigger. I can’t say that the Miops is a generation two product but it does seem like an evolution.

With the addition of an iOS and Android app to control the device, I think they have something fun and useful. Regular triggers would run you anywhere from $50-$150, but not offer you nearly as much as what you can get from this $199 device.

Even if this is not for you, check out their Kickstarter page and sample video.

Would you like to see me discuss more kickstarter projects in the future?

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