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The PIXELSTICK is one of the Coolest Photography Gadgets EVER

In an industry where we are constantly bombarded with new “gadgets” one has come along that is truly unique. The Pixelstick is nothing short of amazing. A killer combination of tech and ingenuity this tool is going to change the way people make light painting images.

Honestly all you have to do is watch the kickstarter campaign video to understand how truly amazing this is. It’s one of those things that once you see it you get it.

I got in touch with the founders of the Pixelstick to find out more about their creation. These are two guys who had an idea, built it and brought to to market. At the time of recording they were two sales shy of $400,000 and have since blown past that number.

All I can say is we live in such an amazing time where if you can think it and build it, someone will stand behind you and purchase it. If you could like to pre order a pixelstick you can do so right here.

Check out the kickstarter campaign video below.