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More Crappy Lytro Photos

So it looks like Lytro gave someone a prototype camera to go shoot with in NYC, only one problem, they do not show the actual camera once!!!!

The video is very well done, the stills look great but they were not taken with the Lytro. For those of you who missed my Lytro Rant you can catch that right here.

Lytro did post the images which you can play with down below. Again the images are not great, you can change the focus of the image but its either one part in focus and the other out or the other way around. Why would I want say the building behind the model to be in focus and she is out of focus? Why would I shoot threw bike spokes and every care about having the spokes in focus opposed to the model.

They just seem to be trying way to hard to make this something that it is not yet or will never be.

BS meter is still sounding!!!!!!

LYTRO – Behind The Scenes from Coco Rocha on Vimeo.