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Who wants to SPIN the NEW Wheel Of FRO??? Postman FRO

Last year I randomly had the idea to start spinning a prize wheel on each episode of RAWtalk. I talked to a few companies and they agreed smartly to allow me to put their name on the wheel and if it lands on their space someone wins a prize from them.

Well the old wheel sucked, it was cheap, junky, wobbly and not very good. It served it’s purpose but it was time to step of the Wheel Of FRO game and that’s exactly what we did.

When I was at PPE this year AdoramaPIX had a huge spinning wheel so I walked around the back of it and found out who made theirs.

I called the company Spinning Wheel Designs and started the process to purchase two new wheels. One wheel is 48 inches and is the main wheel for shows at the loft. The other one is meant to be a travel wheel for when we hit the road.

Remember this, when it’s time to purchase something purchase the best of the best because it’s going to last and last just like this wheel. Between the two wheels I beilve I spent around $1,500 for both wheels.