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Vanguard Nivelo 245BK Tripod Review

When the Nivelo 245BK from Vanguard landed on my doorstep I was thinking what in the world would I do with such a small tripod? This is truly a very small and compact metal tripod that does not seem like it would server a huge purpose. I was actually wrong, there is a nice place in my bag or car for a tripod just like this.

Not only is it small and made out of metal it has some very interesting features to make setting it up and breaking it down easier. You have this four twist locking system for each leg that allows you to either extend each of the four sections or just one section at a time. This is a really nice feature that I would like to see added to some of the pro tripods.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not a tripod that I would put my Nikon D4 on but this is perfect for smaller entry DSLR cameras as well as point and shoots. Just like there is not one bag to rule them all there is not one tripod to rule them all. Sometimes have a few different options will allow you to take the right tripod for you wherever you are going.

For example I recently went to Florida and wanted to travel light with a small tripod to use to hold the Nikon D3200 while it was filming. I used the Nivelo while I was near the pool with the D3200 and 24-70 2.8. I was not worried that it would one fall in the pool or two tip over. A quick tip for tripods is make sure that the lens lines up with one of the legs to that it does not tip over.

Who is this tripod for? If you do a lot of hiking, trekking or traveling where you can only take what you can pack, carry or attach to your bag than this could be a nice option for you. This is not an inexpensive tripod at $150, but it really does hold up its end of the deal by giving you the ability to still take a tripod into places where you may not have been able to before.

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