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Nikon 24mm F1.8G Unboxing and Sniff Test

The Nikon 24mm F1.8G lens rounds out Nikons push for more affordable faster 1.8 glass. Of course affordable is relative as this lens sells for $746.95. Yes I think that is expensive for a fixed lens but if you look at the Nikon 24mm F1.4 version that’s almost $2,200 you might not be hurt as much in the wallet.

Click Here to download three sample RAW Files

Click Here to access the full res exported images taken with this lens.


This is a small and light lens that will allow you to shoot anywhere at your fixed focal length of 24 on FX and 36mm on DX. If you need the ability to shoot at 1.8 and want to have smaller lenses in your bag this could be for you. I know I did not mention video uses for this in the video but this would be a nice angle for video. Fast in terms of letting light in and would let you get pretty creative with your depth of field. FRO_0786

I personally cary around the 24-70 2.8 as it gives me a lot of versatility. But it’s a lot more expensive, heavier and all around bigger which may not be what you are looking for. By nature the prime lenses tend to be sharper then the zooms out there and you can see that in the sample images below.





During my quick tests I took pictures of the brick wall starting at F1.8 and going all the way up. You can see at 1.8 that there is a lot of vignetting. Is this a deal breaker, not so much but ideally you would like to see as little shadowing around the edges as possible. Keep in mind this is a pretty normal occurrence with lenses. FRO_0809

Thanks to for allowing me to unbox and sniff test this new lens.

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