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Nikon 28-300 Review

Allen at Allen’s Camera (215.547.2841) gave me a call to let me know that the NEW Nikon 28-300 was in stock and he wanted me to do a sniff test.

I know I may be a little harsh on what I consider to be non pro lenses but I know if you are looking to do this as a profession you will not be happy with the results of a mega zoom like the Nikon 28-300. It is built very well, it has its purpose for non pros who would like one lens to take away with them so they do not have to change lenses.

Look at this sample image zoomed out at 170mm look how the lines are not straight up top or on the left hand side. This is something that happens when you have huge zoom ranges, lines tend to be off.


Take a look at the unboxing as well as full res samples below

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