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Nikon 40mm Micro 2.8 DX REVIEW

When Nikon announced the 40mm Micro 2.8 DX lens a few months back it came as a surprise to everyone. No one saw this lens coming, an inexpensive fast DX lens for the everyday consumer.

I hear it all the time, “Jared you only recommend really expensive lenses”. Well I have to say we can now put that quote to rest as Nikon has repeatedly much to the chagrin of many pros, put out new, affordable and quality DX glass. We have the 35mm F1.8 along with the 50mm F1.8G and now the new Macro 40mm F2,8 which is only $279.99. If you are interested in this lens please check out Allen’s Camera.


This is a very small, light and compact DX lens. Being that this lens is designed for DX cameras the effective focal length in 35mm terms is 60mm. This is not a bad focal length for shooting macro but it does come with one drawback. As you will see in the review video I have to get really close to the subject in order to fill the frame. In some cases you end up blocking off the light because you have to get so close. Also when shooting bugs and wildlife you may not want to be terribly to close. But don’t let that discourage you from this lens. It has far more positives than negatives.


Who is this lens for? This lens is for someone who is interested in capturing macro shots of nature, flowers, bugs, coins, jewelry and many other things. This lens will not only do very well as a macro lens but I can really see it being used as an everyday walk around lens. If you have any interest in macro photography this lens is definitely worth it.

Would I buy this lens? The answer is yes if I were a DX shooter who is either just starting out or an advanced amateur. I feel this lens would be a great addition to any beginner who is looking to capture some different angles and focal lengths.

Feel free to view the FULL RES images by clicking the images below. But remember what I say about over analyzing things, people will always find issues with everything if they look hard enough. They are also the people who never actually shoot real images to get a feel for how a lens would work in the real world. If you think this is a lens for you than have no fear at all in taking the plunge and adding it to your camera bag.

If you are interested in this lens please call Allen’s Camera at 215.547.2841 and ask for the FroPrice.