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Nikon D3100 Sample Image - Photo of the Week

For this weeks photo of the week I am again testing out the new Nikon D3100 in very low light conditions. As the video says I was at a friends house where they were celebrating Christmas Eve and having family over. This was a great chance for me to really test out the D3100 as iI left my D3s at home to rest.

For being shot at 3200 ISO I am very pleased with the color quality as well as the converted black and white. I said in the video that I was leaning towards the color but after looking at the black and white for a while I think I again love the black and white. Leave a comment with which image you prefer, the color or the black and white.

That is what is so important about post production, many of your images will be taken to the next level after you “process” your files. Remember photography does not end when you press that shutter button.

Nikon D3100 Nikon 70-200 2.8 VR II
1/100th at F/2.8 110mm
Shot RAW not Cropped