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Nikon D7000 Un-Boxing

I finally got my hands on a D7000, I got to unbox and sniff it!!! Wow does this camera feel nice in the hands, its built solid and has a ton of dedicated buttons.

I can not wait to get a test unit of this body as it seems like it is going to take some killer images and video!!!! Each camera Nikon has been putting out has been better than the last and their feature sets just keep expanding. Nikon seems to be on a great path with all their new gear.

Allen at Allen’s Camera has a few kits in stock so give them a call tell them the Fro Sent you 215.547.2841

If you are looking to order one please check it out at B and H, Amazon, Amazon UK or adorama. Use the search boxes to the right, every purchase helps us keep this site FREE.